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Heating & Air Conditioner Repair Temecula

In some parts of the nation people do not have a need for having a high quality air conditioning unit installed and working properly in their home. This is because, for six months out of the year, they are dealing with snow. In Riverside and San Diego counties, however, we are fortunate in that we have gorgeous weather most of the year.

That also comes with a price – the necessity for having a working air-conditioning unit in your home at all points in time. If you’ve lived in Riverside and San Diego counties long, you recognize that the old saying “hot enough to fry an egg” can literally be true. That’s why people tend to get so frustrated when their air-conditioning unit is not functioning correctly.

TriStar Electric Heating & Air Conditioning to the Rescue!

If your air-conditioning unit suddenly goes on the fritz, TriStar Electric Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help. Our highly trained experts are ready and able to repair almost any make or brand of air-conditioning unit there is. Not only that, we are also qualified to maintain, and install not only air-conditioning units but also accessories, like ductwork and thermostats. In fact, our experts are qualified to handle a wide variety of different types of air-conditioning situations, including:

  • repair and service
  • locating refrigerator leaks
  • cleaning condenser coils
  • installing zone ductwork
  • inspecting air-conditioner and ductwork
  • new installation
  • installing and servicing wiring

When you live in areas like Riverside and San Diego counties, it’s important to have the number of a Temecula air-conditioning repair company handy, just in case something goes wrong. Not only are we able to repair or install your air-conditioning unit, we also have an emergency 60 minute repair service that can help you to get your air-conditioner pumping cold air back into your house extremely rapidly. For more information on how we can help you with your air-conditioning unit installation and repair, feel free to contact us via our phone number or to utilize the contact form through our website.